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DiverseStyle was founded ten years ago with the mission to make haircare and the hair salon experience more inclusive for people of all backgrounds. DiverseStyle made its mark as the first multicultural hair salon providing experienced styling services for the entire family. Our customers enjoy our full-service salon, high-touch customer experience, and welcoming community for people of every gender, age, race, and ethnicity.

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Because the world we live in is changing, DiverseStyle has the broad range of knowledge and expertise to offer a wide array of services for our clientele which leverages our detailed training and certification programs which continue to evolve with the needs of our customers.

We know that everyone has a unique hair journey they have experienced and our goal is to give you a positive one which makes you a long term client. With a combination of over 30 years of experience our stylists are professionally trained to service every type of curl pattern, texture and density with ease, acceptance and warmth. We are skilled at providing protective hair services when needed, while also focused on allowing each customer to find their true personal style from cuts to color and braids to extensions.

Your Hair Journey - DiverseStyle Salon
A Salon For All - DiverseStyle Salon

A Salon For All


We are more than just a salon…we are a place that will allow you to embrace your individual beauty—free of judgement.  We are a lifestyle and community destination. Diversity is the core of our business. It’s the reason we’ve built an environment that’s open to everyone.
We treat our clients like family.

Client Enhanced Hair Studio - DiverseStyle Salon

Client Enhanced
Hair Studio

The salon is intelligently designed with our clients comfort as the primary focus within our 4 zones: The Cutting stations are designed for exclusivity, peace and focus. Our Color and Extension bar is innovative, private and tech-enhanced. The Wash bar is comfortable and relaxing without overcrowding.
Our Community Partnerships - DiverseStyle Salon

Our Community

Both Denise and Chase have had a strong bond with their local community since they day they opened the salon and continue to have a strong social impact based on the mission statement around ‘inclusion and belonging.’

Stylist Certification Program - DiverseStyle Salon

Stylist Certification

Our stylists are specialized and skilled to work with your unique hair type, texture, and curl pattern. We hire the best and require they complete DiverseStyle’s advanced training and certification program. 

Meet the Founders - Denise and Chase Taylor

Meet the Founders

A concept that will grow
with the idea of inclusion for all…

Denise and Chase Taylor are the Co-Founders of the DiverseStyle Salon, the nation’s most inclusive hair salon for people of all backgrounds. Ten years ago, they focused on a mission to create an inclusive, community-focused salon environment where the stylists were professionally trained to service any hair texture, curl pattern and density. The success of this model has allowed the couple to continuously support various national and local charities; as well as creating a brand that represents a new path for the beauty and hair industry.

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