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Let’s Talk About Locs!

Maintaining locs is different from maintaining other natural hairstyles, and there can be quite a few myths surrounding care for this style. Here at DiverseStyle, we specialize in all types of hair textures and offer loc and retwist services. Here, we’ll talk about how to maintain your locs as they grow and hopefully clear the air about some of the old wives tales surrounding this gorgeous style.

First, contrary to popular belief, locs need to be kept clean. Clean dreads will tighten up and loc faster than dreads with product build up, but how exactly can we do this without untwisting them? Washing locs with the proper soaps and shampoos is essential for keeping them tight. Most shampoos leave a residue in your hair even after rinsing. This becomes a problem with locs because they can cause itching and even make it harder for thick locs to dry properly. Make sure you are washing with residue free shampoo to keep your scalp clean, and get them as dry as possible afterwards. Oils can be used between shampoos to keep your scalp moisturized if dryness is an issue. It’s always better to add these oils on your own only if and when you need them so that you have complete control over what is going on your scalp and locs!

Wearing a headscarf to bed will also keep lint and feathers out of your locs while also allowing your dreads and scalp to breathe.

Breakage can be a concern with this style because locs can get very heavy as they get longer. If not properly moisturized they can even break off at the root. Using a good moisturizing cream made specifically for locs will help with this, and if you know you are prone to breakage you can help by supplementing your nutrition. You may even consider keeping your locs a bit shorter if nothing else seems to help.

While part of loc maintenance is the retwist, frequent twisting is not recommended as this tends to cause thinning and breakage. We recommend a retwist every 3-4 weeks, but because everyone’s hair is different we will make personal recommendations based on what will work best for you and your hair.

If you’re ready to start your loc journey or just need a specialized salon to help you maintain your locs, we’d love to show you how DiverseStyle, the first multicultural salon in the nation, can help. If you’re ready to experience a truly inclusive salon environment, give us a call at 609.378.5360, or book an appointment online. For your ultimate convenience, use our mobile app to instantly make the appointment that best suits your schedule. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play.

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