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Try Out a New Makeup Look for Fall

As Fall approaches, we’re looking ahead to the makeup trends that should be everywhere next season. Whether you have an event coming up, or you’re just ready for a new look, DiverseStyle can offer you a complete makeup application and help you find your new go-to routine. Here, we’ll talk about the makeup looks you’ll be seeing very soon.

Silver lining. A dash of silver smudged just across the lash line creates a look that even makeup minimalist can get behind.

Blinged eyes. Who needs jewelry when you can wear diamonds (or diamond-like crystals) on your eyes? Glitter and other shiny accoutrements- especially on the eyes- will be everywhere next season.

Bare face. The au naturale look will be sticking around come Fall, with structured brows, bare lashes, and softly contoured angles lending themselves nicely to this youthful, fresh faced vibe.

Brown. From smoky eyeshadows and matte lipstick, brown is the new hot not-so-neutral shade in makeup this fall. Reminiscent of the garageband feel of the 90’s, you can’t go wrong with brown.

Glam. Speaking of throwbacks, the 60’s are about to have another moment. Think Twiggy lashes and lilac lids and you’ll be on the right track. We’re even seeing lilac shadows paired with blue liners for an ultra bit of extra.

Are you ready to try out a brand new makeup look? If so, we’d love to show you how DiverseStyle, the first multicultural salon in the nation, can help you find your new look. If you’re ready to experience a truly inclusive salon environment, give us a call at 609.378.5360, or book an appointment online. For your ultimate convenience, use our mobile app to instantly make the appointment that best suits your schedule. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play

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