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Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup

If you are an Indian bride who plans to wear a traditional Sari or Lehenga of red, maroon, gold or green colors, you may also want to consider wearing traditional Indian bridal makeup. While this makeup takes in the whole person and consists of 16 items including the dress- known as the Solah Shringar of the bride- today we’ll be focusing on the face.

The main idea of a perfect bridal makeup look is to accentuate the best features, and at the same time, keep the overall look simple, yet gorgeous. As it is, Indian brides are loaded with jewelry and heavy dresses, hence it is best to keep the makeup natural while still allowing the bride to stand out in the crowd.

The foundation should be applied in layers and blended well in order to create a natural and never overdone look. Cheeks and lips should be applied keeping the dress color in mind. The face does not want to compete with the dress, but rather they should complement each other perfectly. A makeup artist that specializes in Indian bridal makeup, such as we have here at DiverseStyle, will understand the special touches required for such an event.

Kajal (Kohl) is makeup applied along the edge of the eyes. This cosmetic has been used by Indian women since ancient times, when it was believed to ward off bad luck. Think of it as the OG eyeliner. Kohl is used to line the eyes, and is especially known for being applied along the waterline of both lids. In order to really make sure your eyes pop, go for a gold lid, a neutral shade, or use your face powder for a more subdued look. For the lashes, a few coats of black mascara will finish off the eye quite nicely.

Above all else, you’ll want to make sure your skin is perfectly prepped before your big day. Be sure to keep your skin cleansed and moisturized in the days leading up to the wedding, and begin with a freshly cleansed face before your makeup application. Moisturize after cleansing, and use a good primer about two minutes later. Primer is especially useful during a big event because it allows your makeup to stay in place much longer than it would without a primer. Remember that your lips are an important part of your overall look as well! Keep them moisturized and your lipstick will not only look better but will last longer also. Most of all, try to keep your stress leading up to the event at a minimum, and get enough sleep!

Are you in need of traditional Indian bridal makeup for your big day? If so, we’d love to show you how DiverseStyle, the first multicultural salon in the nation, can help you look exquisite. If you’re ready to experience a truly inclusive salon environment, give us a call at 609.378.5360, or book an appointment online. For your ultimate convenience, use our mobile app to instantly make the appointment that best suits your schedule. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play.

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