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We are a couple with an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision to make things a little better for everyone. There is an abundance of innovation in the hair industry these days, but does every concept work for everyone in every salon? Unfortunately it doesn’t and thus there has been a big void in the hair industry for quite some time.

Our salon concept does—-it’s a simple idea we had, which was to create a hair salon for EVERYONE–no matter if they had naturally dense hair worn in a modern afro, curly-wavy hair that required great product, Protective styling requiring textured braids from over-processed damaged hair, or straight thin textured hair–we wanted a salon that is open to everyone.

Our model isn’t theoretical, it’s a tried and true model that has been successful for the past 10 years and brought a great deal of joy to a large number of clients and we hope to continue it for another 10 + years. As the look and feel of the world is ever-changing–there is a huge demand for a salon like this and our response has been eye-opening and there is no stopping us. If you haven’t experienced this type of loving, fun and professional salon environment in the past–please let us change your hair journey!

Our Roots - Diversestyle Salon


Diversity is the core of our business. It’s the reason we’ve built an environment that’s vibrant, spirited, and most importantly: open to everyone. We treat our clients like family. And we keep our roots in the community. Just visit one of our salons. You’ll be welcomed with hot styles, warm smiles, and cool conversations.

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You deserve an exceptional stylist. That’s why we hire the best — and require they pass DiverseStyle’s training and certification program. Sneak a peek at our tiered list of services. We share the level of experience and training for each stylist.
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We create a unique environment that welcomes all customers and provides high-end hair-care services to support every style. We seek to build a community-focused cultural center that promotes beauty and style for every ethnic background.
Denise Taylor - Co-Founder & CEO of DiverseStyle


Denise Taylor is the Co-Founder and CEO of DiverseStyle, the premier hair salon for people of all backgrounds. As a Master Stylist with over 20+ years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, Denise has seen the industry go through a number of different evolutions, fads and cycles.  She has been an industry trailblazer, never resting on her laurels and never accepting the status quo.  

Having worked in various salons, Denise saw the difficulty that people of color had when attempting to go to ‘standard’ hair salons and was disheartened when she saw them turned away because they couldn’t be properly serviced.   That convinced her that a change was warranted in the industry and her idea for the DiverseStyle concept was born.  


Chase Taylor is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of DiverseStyle. Chase and Denise Taylor launched this multicultural hair salon concept to disrupt the haircare industry and make it more inclusive.

Chase oversees operations, growth, and overall expansion of the brand. Chase has nearly a decade of sales leadership and marketing experience, most recently leading a team as a Global Client Executive at LinkedIn. He’s a champion of diversity and inclusion in his private business as well as his corporate life and is active as the  co-Chair of LinkedIn’s New York Veterans program. Additionally he is an active supporter of various Employee Resource Groups including Black Inclusion and Enable.

Chase leverages the experience he has had in managing budgets/P&L, global forecasts and managing large cross-functional teams to help keep the busy salon focused on revenue attainment and growth.  Previously,he worked in sales at IBM, Forrester Research, and the Financial Times. A veteran, Chase was a Captain in the US Army and spent over six years in military service. He’s committed to supporting those in military service and their families.

Chase Taylor - Co-Founder & CFO of DiverseStyle


Both Denise and Chase have had a strong bond with their local community since the day they opened their salon and continue to have a strong social impact based on the mission statement around ‘inclusion and belonging.’

Denise and Chase consider it an honor and a gift to have the ability to offer both their time and financial commitments. They have developed a number of partnerships to help drive both awareness and funding to a number of NJ based charities, as well as national programs that are related to either women or the hair industry.

In support of stylists–the DiverseStyle team supports the National Cut it Out program which is focused on domestic abuse. DiverseStyle is committed to engaging communities and partnering with mission-aligned organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, The United Way, YWCA and more. We are committed to supporting women and children, and fighting hunger and homelessness in Central New Jersey and beyond. We also advocate on behalf of survivors of domestic violence, veterans and first responders.


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