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DiverseStyle Monthly Membership Packages

You already know that DiverseStyle is not your average hair salon. We’re a close-knit community of talented professionals who counter stereotypes and celebrate originality, and we offer a salon experience that’s anything but ordinary. We don’t mess around when it comes to supporting your style regime, and that’s the reason we created a line of monthly membership

The DiverseStyle Mobile App

Here at DiverseStyle, our mission is to build a community-focused cultural center that promotes beauty and style for every ethnic background. Our mobile app now promises to deliver this same level of commitment to service from your very own mobile device! It’s free, easy to use, and just like

Fall Trends in Formal Event Hairstyles

It’s that time of year again, Fall wedding season is rapidly approaching and we’re gearing up to help our brides look their absolute best! If you’ve got a special event coming up, read on and be inspired to find your perfect look.

Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup

If you are an Indian bride who plans to wear a traditional Sari or Lehenga of red, maroon, gold or green colors, you may also want to consider wearing traditional Indian bridal makeup. While this makeup takes in the whole person and consists of 16 items including the dress- known as the Solah Shringar of the bride- today we’ll

Try Out a New Makeup Look for Fall

As Fall approaches, we’re looking ahead to the makeup trends that should be everywhere next season. Whether you have an event coming up, or you’re just ready for a new look, DiverseStyle can offer you a complete makeup application and help you find your new go-to routine. Here, we’ll talk about the makeup

Summer Hair Care Tips

If there’s one rule that definitely applies in the summer, it’s that natural hair is the rule! Summer is the time to let go of perfect, sleek hairstyles and embrace the more carefree, natural look. To help you achieve this and keep your hair looking young and healthy, we’ve put together a list of summer hair care tips to help

Let’s Talk About Locs!

Maintaining locs is different from maintaining other natural hairstyles, and there can be quite a few myths surrounding care for this style. Here at DiverseStyle, we specialize in all types of hair textures and offer loc and retwist services. Here, we’ll talk about how to maintain your locs as they grow and hopefully clear the

Hot New Summer Looks

Looking for a bit of a refresh heading into Summer? Don’t stay stuck in your same old hair rut, here at DiverseStyle, we’ve got just what you need to shake off those blues and get you ready for a brand-new season. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest hair trends of 2018 to help inspire you before your next

Easy Summer Hairstyles For Natural Hair

No matter what kind of hair you have, it’s a pretty safe bet that we can all agree on one thing: it can be a huge pain in the summertime. Between the heat, humidity and whatever outdoor activity you may have going on, it’s pretty tempting to just twist it up into a knot and forget it, am I right? While that is certainly an

Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free This Summer!

Summer is rapidly approaching and we all know what that means: heat and humidity will soon be on the rise! When humidity strikes, some of us (most of us?) can experience the dreaded frizz! Good news is, you don’t have to just “live with it.” At DiverseStyle, we have the 411 on taming the frizz and adding softness
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